Exploring Asia with motorcycle
Solo motorbike trip with Honda XL1000 Varadero MK1. Athens to Igoumenitsa, by ship to Brindisi. Plac...
As of the 22nd April, I will be riding my motorcycle through Europe for about 2 months. Via this bik...
    Who: Iordanis
  • When: 22.04.2019 - 10.06.2019
  • How: Car
Set out for a new adventure! This time a little bit different... Going to Iceland in order to stay a...
    Who: Sfera
  • When: 12.07.2019 - 01.08.2019
  • How: Motorcycle
A 18 days trip by motorcycle in South Africa Lesotho and Swaziland
from italy to Togo by ApeCar
A pedalling message for solidarity to Mediterranean Sea..No human is illegal!Imagine all the people...
    Who: freedom
  • When: 06.11.2018 - 16.11.2018
  • How: Bicycle
Cycling from Budapest to Athens with zero budget. 20 days.. 1,500km.. only with the help of the peo...
pues eso viaje en este viaje con la autocaravana y la moto voy a utilizar este software para ver qué...
    Who: motercode
  • When: 21.09.2018 - 27.09.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
2007 to 2010 we travelled around the world in a Land Rover Discovery3. In 2018 we departed for a se...
Ιλλυρικη επικρατεια σ' ολο της το φασμα. Βυζαντινη επαρχια οπου πήρε αλλο όνομα, σε Ρωμυλία ή Ρούμε...
εξερευνωντας τη Ρουμανία
Ταξιδι στην Τυρρηνική θάλασσα , Σαρδηνία και Κορσική με R100 gs
Why not?
    Who: socrates
  • When: 31.08.2018 - 11.09.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
    Who: achalatsis
  • When: 31.08.2018 - 16.09.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
We start a trip to Balkans specifically we will visit the Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzeg...
    Who: Geomal
  • When: 12.08.2018 - 28.08.2018
  • How: Car
Ταξιδεύοντας για πρώτη φορά μόνος στα δυτικά κυρίως Βαλκάνια./Traveling for the first time alone in...
    Who: darios65
  • When: 19.08.2018 - 30.08.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
2 motorcycles (R 1200 Gs - Suoer Tenere 1200) with 2 riders from Greece in a dreamy ride along the "...
    Who: jmar
  • When: 03.08.2018 - 09.09.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
Για άλλη μια φορά θα εξερευνήσουμε το Αλτάι, θα πάμε εκεί που δεν φτάσαμε πέρυσι αλλά και μέρη που ε...
    Who: Jholidis
  • When: 01.08.2018 - 20.08.2018
  • How: Car
38 παλικαρια λιγοτερα απο τα γνωστα 40 ξεκινανεενα τουρ απο την ιεραπετρα καταληγει στο chernobyl...
    Who: poolmaster
  • When: 27.07.2018 - 14.08.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
Travel by bicycle
From athens to trikala ,agrafa,metsovo,papigothen to acheron river preveza lefkada meganisi
Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia
    Who: linokostas
  • When: 03.07.2018 - 29.07.2018
  • How: Car
Hi you all my trip has started alredy a month ago when I quit my job and decided to travel in south...
Around Europe on a Vespa GTS250 with Minotaur!
Traveling around Middle East by motorcycles (First use of Live Trips service)
Ενα 4ημερο στο βουνό των Κενταύρων με τους Τ-Motoriders
    Who: T-Motoriders
  • When: 28.04.2018 - 01.05.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
A journey from Vienna to Greece on a budget of 200€ in 2 months time! Check my videos on YouTube,...
Backpacking to Annapurna Circuit.
Napoli, Amalfi, Alberobello, Matera, Magna Graecia
    Who: phaeno
  • When: 27.02.2018 - 05.04.2018
  • How: Backpacking
A train journey in south India with the Golden Chariot train.
    Who: Runvel
  • When: 18.02.2018 - 27.02.2018
  • How: Train
Wandering in northern, central and southern Vietnam
    Who: Despina
  • When: 24.12.2018 - 03.01.2018
  • How: Backpacking
Cycling through South-east Asia in order to raise awareness about plastic and its impact on our envi...