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38 παλικαρια λιγοτερα απο τα γνωστα 40 ξεκινανεενα τουρ απο την ιεραπετρα καταληγει στο chernobyl...
    Who: poolmaster
  • When: 27.07.2018 - 14.08.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
Travel by bicycle
From athens to trikala ,agrafa,metsovo,papigothen to acheron river preveza lefkada meganisi
Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia
    Who: linokostas
  • When: 03.07.2018 - 29.07.2018
  • How: Car
Hi you all my trip has started alredy a month ago when I quit my job and decided to travel in south...
Around Europe on a Vespa GTS250 with Minotaur!
Traveling around Middle East by motorcycles (First use of Live Trips service)
Ενα 4ημερο στο βουνό των Κενταύρων με τους Τ-Motoriders
    Who: T-Motoriders
  • When: 28.04.2018 - 01.05.2018
  • How: Motorcycle
A journey from Vienna to Greece on a budget of 200€ in 2 months time! Check my videos on YouTube,...
Backpacking to Annapurna Circuit.
Napoli, Amalfi, Alberobello, Matera, Magna Graecia
    Who: phaeno
  • When: 27.02.2018 - 05.04.2018
  • How: Backpacking
A train journey in south India with the Golden Chariot train.
    Who: Runvel
  • When: 18.02.2018 - 27.02.2018
  • How: Train
Wandering in northern, central and southern Vietnam
    Who: Despina
  • When: 24.12.2018 - 03.01.2018
  • How: Backpacking
Cycling through South-east Asia in order to raise awareness about plastic and its impact on our envi...
Το Passengerinlife ταξιδεύει στην Ελλάδα με ποδηλατο , με σκόπο την ανάδειξη της εμπειρίας του ποδηλ...
As part of my preparations I am travelling the USA from the Eastcoast to the Westcoast for 52 days a...
    Who: LaVidaVespa
  • When: 30.08.2017 - 23.10.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
Μετά από δουλειά δύο μηνών που χρειάστηκε για την κατασκευή μια απλής μπαγκαζιέρας ενός τετραγωνικού...
    Who: Geomal
  • When: 20.08.2017 - 03.09.2017
  • How: Car
From Crete to Balkans - 1 motorbike, 2 friends, 10 countries, 18 days
    Who: Yannis
  • When: 16.08.2017 - 02.09.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
Fm Piraeus Greece to explore glaciers and fjords in Norway.... The route is through Balkans to Cent...
Road trip from Piraeus to Norway
Άλλο ένα ταξίδι στο Αλτάι, από το Μπαρναούλ στην λίμνη Τελέτσκογιε στον οικισμό Γιάιλιου και στην συ...
4th European trip T-Motoriders
    Who: T-Motoriders
  • When: 12.08.2017 - 19.08.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
A trip to Romania and Bulgaria! (Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania will have t...
Φέτος καλοκαιράκι στην όμορφη Κεφαλλονιά. Μπανάκια και βολτούλες με το ΧΤ660R μας...Νησί=εντούρο!
    Who: GkS
  • When: 23.07.2017 - 29.07.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
Tour at South Peloponnese, Kefalonia and who knows where else... Travelling alone with my motorbike...
    Who: Ship of Fools
  • When: 17.07.2017 - 06.08.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
At last, after nearly 4 years, we managed to get on the road again! Living permanently now in Barce...
    Who: Vangelis MRC
  • When: 15.07.2017 - 22.07.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
Ready and steady .... Planning and prep are almost finished . Everything is a matter of patience no...
Alpes (Tirol, Julian, Bavarian)
    Who: socrates
  • When: 05.07.2017 - 16.07.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
Με ένα ζευγάρι starakia
    Who: nikosrr
  • When: 09.07.2017 - 28.07.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
by caravan
    Who: linokostas
  • When: 06.07.2017 - 30.07.2017
  • How: Car
Following the Trans Siberian and the Trans Mongolian rails, sailing the West Pacific and crossing th...
    Who: whereonearth
  • When: 06.08.2017 - 01.02.2018
  • How: Train
    Who: Despina
  • When: 30.06.2017 - 09.07.2017
  • How: Car
Facebook/queenbeevespatrip You wellcome to join
    Who: elif songur
  • When: 24.06.2017 - 28.06.2017
  • How: Motorcycle
A 20 day trip to Peru with a 700gs . Start from Arequipa.
travelling around europe on a motorcycle