About us

In 2008, two members of the MotoRiders Club, decided to take a journey to Middle East. They thought of creating an internet based communication that would enable them to share their trip with people and friends who might find it interesting and would like to follow it.
It was then, that LiveTrips first operated in a completely different way, since the technology of the mobile devices was not what it is nowadays. So updates (trip reports) on the trips were communicated via SMS, shown on a map with no photos. LiveTrips was just showing their daily locations along accompanied with a few words in every update. Viewers found LiveTrips very useful for following up the updates. After the MotoRiders Club returned from the Middle East, they could use LiveTrips to view their journey on the map and recall memories from their trip. Thus, remembering the journey once again.
When the journey in Middle East was completed, the MotoRiders Club were considering improving and expanding LiveTrips. What distinguished LiveTrips was its ability to allow users/travellers to transfer their first impressions and feelings of each place, as travellers could share these at real time, without them being spoiled by the rest of the trip or time passsing by.
Technological advance, offers opportunities to start implementing this idea of LiveTrips. Qualified people have joint our team and we proceeded to the evolution of LiveTrips giving it its current form. Now we can create an update (trip report) at the point of interest, attaching photo and text, save it and send it when an internet connection is available.
During the spring of 2013, the LiveTrips.gr site was launched.
Some overland travellers, Stergios Gogos and Elias Vrohidis, who were about to start their longterm journeys, as well as others who took smaller ones, trusted our application/website - and we sincerely thank them from the bottoms of our heart, since they have been the pillars of our evolution. Through their journeys we have discovered fields that we had to correct but also to develop.
The LiveTrips service consists of the www.livetrips.gr website, which contains the map showing the links of the Trip Reports (updates), as well as the LiveTrips mobile app for Apple & Android mobile phones. The application is available free of charge on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store and all the corresponding devices are supported.
LiveTrips is the main application through which you can use our service.
After you sign up, you create your Trip and you can start sending your Trip Reports. Each Trip Report consists of its text, the geographical position for the map, but also a photograph. Sending the Trip Report can be done via internet (Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G) either directly or it can be saved and postponed until internet connection is available.
With this function you can write down, save and then share the feeling of the experience, keeping it unaffected by time, as any update can be saved to be sent later. 
The application is very simple and easy to use, as it has been created "by travellers for travellers", understanding the requirements and conditions of a trip.
At the beginning the travellers were mainly motorcyclists, but as time went by cyclists, backpackers, travellers by car, airplane, train, and even sailing were added to this group. We noticed that journeys of any kind would have a strong impact on other travellers with different means of transportation, making us realize in the most clear way, that the point of reference was the journey and not the means of transportation and that the trip reports were, for many,  the motive for new trips, explorations and quests.
Gradually, a beautiful travel community started to form, composed of people with different travel styles but with a shared passion:
You can find things in common with other travellers/users, but above all, you can get inspired and inspire others. 
For the team of LiveTrips.gr, this service and application is our passion. We have no financial benefit from it. We beleive this is a big contribution to the travellers community in order to highlight the value of their journey, as well as inspiring viewers to find out the updates of the travellers through a vivid and interactive way. To open their door and meet the world, without borders, prejudices and obsessions.
At this point, we would like to express - on behalf of the LiveTrips team - a very big THANK YOU to all those who shared their trips via the app, being the driving force but also the heart of the service. Their present helped to create a unique application to immediatly reflect their trips.
Without them, LiveTrips application would not have any reason for existing. We wholeheartedly wish to you all, beautiful, safe and adventurous travels!!!