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LIVE TRIPS APPS are the result and efforts of a passionate team, that their only goal and aim is to unite people with the same passion, the passion of travelling, and by doing that they give the possibility to others to learn and enlarge their knowledge of every known and unknown place of this planet...


LIVE TRIP TRAVELLER is a new unique application for travellers who wish to broadcast live their journey with friends and people who share the same passion for travelling! Live Trip Traveller gives to the user the possibility to send live trip reports and photos during their journey via WiFi/3G/4G but also via SMS (charges apply from your mobile operator to greek Vodafone). All the reports (messages) are logged on a live map with the exact location that they were send, so friends and others can follow up the whole journey.

You can download the applications  from GOOGLE PLAY (for Android) and APP STORE (for iOS)

LIVE TRIP VIEWER is an application through which you can follow from your mobile device, all the live trip reports of every journey that is published (and stored) in the website The app's intention is to bring closer to every traveller, people who want and like to be informed about his/her journeys and also to travel "mentally" through the stories posted. The app is easy to use and the immediacy of information offered by the mobile device is directly related to these "live" travel responses.

You can download the applications  from GOOGLE PLAY (for Android) and APP STORE (for iOS)